Domaine André Brunel - Les Cailloux

Domaine André Brunel - Les Cailloux

2648 Chemin de l'Oiselay

+33 (0)4 90 83 72 62

André Brunel - LES CAILLOUX, Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge Cuvée Centenaire 2010

André Brunel - Les Cailloux, Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Cuvée Centenaire 2010

An exceptional fine cuvée with an incomparably long finish in the mouth and only produced during great vintages.


To celebrate the 100 years of planting the most beautiful plot in the Domaine, located in the eponymous sector of Farguerol, Lucien and André decided in 1989 to create a special cuvée issued specifically from this plot which became the Cuvée Centenaire.

The soil and subsoil don’t have much limestone but there is a lot of clay on both the surface and deep down in the ground. This blue and compact clay gives the wine its mineral property (graphite). Its exposure gives the vines perfect sunshine and the often-blowing violent Mistral contributes to the concentration of sugar and aromas which are used to make this cuvée.

The Cuvée Centenaire is only produced during exceptional vintages such as in 2007 or 2010, when it can fully express the quintessence of the Grenache.

Tasting Notes

A rich and expressive nose: blackcurrants, blackberries …
Powerful and roundness in the mouth: an impressively long finish in the mouth, the tannins are perfectly mellow. There are dominant aromas of undergrowth and leather.
Complex aromas up until then uniquely reserved to wine having aged for a long period of time, are already present.

Wine-Food Pairing

Red meat, game or to enjoy quite simply alone for the sheer pleasure of drinking a great wine.

Technical sheet
Syndicat des Vignerons de Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Cuvée Centenaire
Red 2010

Domaine André Brunel - Les Cailloux
2648 Chemin de l'Oiselay
+33 (0)4 90 83 72 62

: BRUNEL Fabrice


  • Conventional


Large rounded stones (100%)


Grenache noir (80%)
Mourvèdre (15%)
Syrah (5%)


Concrete tank (100%)


Oak Barrels- Old (100% - 18 month)


Richesse et expressivité du nez : cassis, mûres…
Puissance et rondeur en bouche : la sensation de longueur en bouche est impressionnante, les tanins sont parfaitement fondus. Les arômes de sous-bois, de cuir dominent.
Des arômes complexes jusque-là dévolus uniquement à des vins ayant déjà connu une longue période de vieillissement sont déjà présents.
  • Domaine André Brunel - Les Cailloux