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DOMAINE DU PÈRE CABOCHE, Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge Vieilles Vignes "Elisabeth Chambellan" 2020

DOMAINE DU PÈRE CABOCHE, Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge Vieilles Vignes "Elisabeth Chambellan" 2019 [copie]

This cuvée is made from our old vines located on the "Plateau de la Crau" which among the oldest are dated from 1906 (for the birth of Théophile Boisson). We have the 13 different grape varieties of the appellation on this parcel.

Hand harvested, strict sorting of the grapes takes place in the vineyard. Light crushing and destemming - permanent control during fermentation - traditional maceration (about one month), ageing in croncret tank (1/2) and big oak barrel of 50 hl (1/2) during 12 to 18 months, among the vintage.

No weed killers. Interventions on the ground and vines are decided upon weekly parcel observations.


Tasting note of the 2017 vintage :

Deep ruby red colour with bluish highlights.
The complex and classy nose of this wine is typical from the best terroirs of Grenache on rolled-pebbles where our old vines are planted (the oldest are dated from 1906).
This is a full-bodied and elegant wine with intense aromas of candied red fruit combined with a hint of soft liquorice on the nose, frech chily pepper and roasted notes.
It is well-balanced on the palate with sweet notes and a nice minerality. It offers preserve fruit flavours with mineral and spicy notes. The tannins are silky.
The finish is long and smooth.


Tasting note of the 2018 vintage :

Deep ruby red colour with dark purple highlights.
This complex wine reveals soot notes, bright and ripe black fruit fragrances and a significant minerality.
Powerful palate with a nice balance between velvety tannins and sweetness softened by a subtle freshness. It offers mineral notes and bright fruit flavors with a very long and aromatic finish.

Tasting note of the 2019 vintage :

Deep cherry red colour with dark pruple highlights.                                                                                                         Intense nose with aromas of ripe and flesh fruit (cherry, blackberry), raspberry jam with soft spicy notes (bay leaf).               Full-bodied and well-balanced wine offering both sweetness and freshness with fruit flavours with a menthol and Espelette pepper finish. Fine tannins.