SYMPOSIUM on 21 April 2016 : 80 years ago, the first Protected Designations of Origin


SYMPOSIUM on 21 April 2016 : 80 years ago, the first Protected Designations of Origin


On 15 May 1936, Albert Lebrun, then President of the French Republic, signed the first 6 decrees recognizing protected designations of origin, among which those of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Tavel.

For their 80th anniversary, these two historical protected designations, together with the International Wine Business School (Master Commercialisation Internationale des Vins) and the LBNC Lab, both from Avignon University, have decided to pay tribute to the work accomplished by Senator Joseph Capus and the wine-grower Pierre Le Roy de Boiseaumarié: they have organised a multidisciplinary symposium gathering lawyers, engineers, geographers and, of course, wine-growers.

The aim of this symposium will be, not just to talk about the process which resulted in the creation of the PDO concept – a concept, which, since then, has spread all over the world, with much success-, but also to question its relevance in times of environmental and social changes.

In this early 21st century, major challenges will have to be stepped up to. Among them, the growing number of quality labels valuing local produce and helping to preserve cultural and biological diversity, trade globalisation, international negotiations, climate change, the urbanisation of rural areas…

All these challenges bring us to question the future of the PDO concept and its adaptability in the modern world and in our 2.0 economy.

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