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Lands of Châteauneuf-du-pape

Châteauneuf-du-Pape… three magical words that immediately evoke one of the most beautiful French wine appellations. It must be said that the subject is rich. It traces its origins to winemaking in Gaul over 2500 years ago and attains its nobility with the pioneers of controlled designation of origin appellations. Today, it foreshadows what the great wines of tomorrow will be, emerging from vineyards that respect the landscapes and the environment.
But nothing beats being on the ground to understand a terroir.

Enjoy your hike, happy discoveries !


Embark on a journey to discover the appellation and biodiversity through 2 hike loops. You don’t need to be a wine enthusiast or an agronomist to appreciate these trails ! 24 signs will guide you from one discovery to another, with simple content sprinkled with anecdotes.


Difficulty: None Bring water, especially in summer, and hiking shoes.
Length: 5,4 km
Duration: 1h30 to 2h30, Picnic area along the trail.
At panel 6, you can continue to a second circuit (additional 4 km).


Difficulty: Moderate (inclines and declines in the woods). Bring water, especially in summer, and hiking shoes.
Length: 4 km
Duration: 1h15 to 2h00, Picnic area along the trail.