Mediterranean climate

The Vaucluse department, where Châteauneuf-du-Pape is located, has a Mediterranean climate. This type of climate, found throughout the south of France, is characterized by hot, dry and hot summers (34-38 °C) and cool, wet winters. It only occasionally freezes in winter and rarely snows at sea level (as opposed to the surrounding mountains). The mistral is another major feature of climate in the Vaucluse, as it is all up and down the Rhône Valley corridor.

The mistral blows more fiercely here than anywhere else with speeds exceeding 100 km/h. The cool wind from the northeast dries the air and rapidly disperses the clouds. It is already proven that a mistral blowing is conductive to the quality of the vines and grapes by eliminating e.g. viruses and excessive water after a rainfall preventing fungal diseases.